What is the difference between Regular Sealers and Enhancing Sealers?

Posted by sealersrus.com on Feb 15th 2014

We are asked this question by many of our customers so we thought we give you an explanation.

All sealers essentially protect the stone surface from penetrating agents such as oil and grease to prevent from permanent staining. Sealers are used on natural stone in floors, walls, foyers, bathrooms, kitchens, around swimming pools, patios, or any other public areas and facades.

Regular sealers protect the surface from external elements without altering the appearance of the stone. Fila Sealers, such as MP90Fob and Hydrorep, are some of the best sealer which penetrate deep for a long lasting effect without changing the texture or color of the stone and are safe to use on variety of materials.

Enhancing Sealers (enhancers), on the other hand, are made to change the appearance of the stone for specific desired effects. For example, Fila Stone Plus brings out the beautiful natural colors of the stone while protecting the surface. If you desire a “glossy” or “wet-look” effect, Fila Wet can create that effect once applied on textured natural stone.

Most Fila Sealers can be purchased as either solvent-based or water-based products for different applications. Although the outcome is the same, water-based sealers are generally recommended to be used in areas that food is prepared.

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