Welcome to our sealers section! We’re thrilled to offer our customers a fantastic selection of top-quality Italian made cleaning & sealing products for verity of natural stone and other assorted surfaces with the protection they need from the elements using the right product. At Sealers R Us, find a wide range of natural stone, tile, brick, terracotta, terrazzo, stucco, concrete & slate sealers that repel water and oily stains without altering surface appearance or yellowing over time.

At Sealers R Us, we are proud to be the largest distributers of Fila products, an Italian brand which is endorsed by more than 200 finest factories in Europe and has been manufacturing surface care products for more than 75 years.

We offer solvent-free sealers designed to repel oil or water ideal for both interior and exterior surfaces. Browse our selection of penetrating stone enhancers and sealers, or check out our wet-look sealers for natural stone or terracotta. Keep interior and exterior natural surfaces looking pristine, whether polished, honed or tumbled, many of which are usable on food-contact surfaces. Protect and enhance walls, inlays, backsplashes, bathroom and kitchen counters, tables, and so much more. We have sealers designed for anti-graffiti treatment , as well as those ideal for preventing efflorescence. We carry the best sealer in the market which is specifically made for Lappato porcelain tiles. Our products even include those that keep gum from sticking to surfaces. In addition we carry verity of waxes to bring an old world charm to your terracotta or natural stone material.

Find the product that meets your surface needs including eco-friendly options today!