Treatments by Surface

Get to Know Your Stone Care Products

We want to help you choose the proper stone care and maintenance products for your stone classification and composition.

Cleaning stone surfaces is the first important step before application of any sealer or wax product. Always use a clean rag mop on floors and a soft cloth for other surfaces for best results. Follow manufacturer recommendations. Our cleaning products range from universal gentle cleaners for all surfaces to more concentrated for some of the toughest cleaning jobs. You can find cleaning products to remove organic stains such as coffee, wine or soft drink, oily and greasy stains, rust stains or graffiti. Be sure to refer to each stone material for recommendation of the proper cleaning solution.

Sealing is a common step taken on stones as a precaution against staining. Using the proper sealer not only protects the stone surface from all elements it also extends the life of your beautiful material. We offer many options to protect your stone or tile floor, grout joints, countertops and walls. Use either solvent-based or eco-friendly water-based sealers safe around food preparation areas.

This section will help you find the complete set of products from cleaning to finishing your stone surfaces.

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