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Welcome to our Waxes and Polishes store. At Sealersrus we proudly provide Fila waxes which offer solutions for all the surfaces inside the home. The only worldwide products which can bring out the best in truly beautiful materials.

Our History

At Sealers R Us, we are proud to be one the largest distributers of Fila stone care products in the U.S.A. Fila manufacturers have formulated one of the best waxes and polishes for natural stone in the world.

Suggested Uses

After protection, we recommend you apply a finishing product, generally a wax. Our liquid waxes nourish the floor, protect the surface from wear - caused by traffic and make subsequent maintenance easier. Choose from Matt to Satin finishes to suit your taste. Formula Marmo is used to polish dull and old Marble surfaces to bring out the shine. 

Find the product that meets your surface needs including eco-friendly options today!

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